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October 21st – Gala Fundraiser

By September 16, 2022April 4th, 2023No Comments

Thrive Counselling & Consulting is putting on a Gala Fundraiser that will go towards supporting parents/guardians of children and youth that have been impacted by violence and are clients of Big Bear CYAC. Thrive Counselling and Consulting is donating all proceeds of the event to Big Bear CYAC  to hold the funding. Big Bear CYACs multidisciplinary Mental Health & Wellness Team meets weekly to help understand clients’ healing needs and then provide them with a list of community resources that may be helpful. Big Bear CYAC Family Advocates then works closely with clients to help bridge their connection with the community resources that the client identifies as to what would fit with their needs. Many parents/guardian’s of children and youth that have been impacted by violence have expressed the desire to have private trauma counselling. For many, they have not been able to access this service during the time in which they’ve needed it the most.

The hope is, with the funding raised through this Gala Fundraiser, parents/guardians in these situations will be able to access the qualified counselling service of their choice within our community, and at the time they need it..

A “CALL OUT” to registered clinical counsellors with the expertise/training to provide trauma counselling for parents/caregivers of children impacted by violence. Please contact Big Bear CYAC to be added on our referral list or for more information 🙂

Thank you!

Click here for Details on Oct 21 Fundraising Gala