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Hiring New Position at Big Bear – Big Bear CYAC Family Advocate – Coordinator of Extended Support Services (P/T, 20 hrs./week)

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Position Description:

The Family Advocate program of Big Bear CYAC is a crucial aspect of promoting long-term health and well-being for the children, youth and their families who come through the centre. The Family Advocate role is to provide consistent support and advocacy services to the children, youth and their families when maltreatment (including all physical, sexual, neglect, emotional, witnessing violence, involved in trafficking or exploitation) has been alleged. Services are provided from the time of the initial investigation, to completion of the case (with ability to continue on-going contact when support for bridging to community resources and support services is needed). It is emphasized that this position does not engage in any conversations that might jeopardize the investigation. A Family Advocate maintains regular contact with the family — and also liaises with the multidisciplinary team (MDT). It is important to understand that the person in this position is not part of the investigative team, although will be involved in the debrief session, after the initial interview with the child. There may also be participation in weekly case re- views, if the family consents to this.

The Big Bear CYAC Family Advocate – Coordinator of Extended Support Services position oversees the Family Advocate program. The person in this position will provide crisis and brief intervention sessions for children, youth and families once after the forensic interviews and will monitor and maintain the case logistics and tracking of all cases. The person in this position will be involved in coordinating further and long-term intervention services, identifying any barriers that may prevent any one in the family from receiving services, bridging with support healing services and advocating for immediate service implementation. The person in this position will be a part of Big Bear CYAC’s weekly Mental Health/Wellness MDT team.

This position works closely with others in the criminal justice system, including RCMP, Child Protection, Crown Counsel.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Position:

Duties and responsibilities include, but my not be limited to the following:

  • –  Maintain strict standards of confidentiality (except when required to report to RCMP/Child Protection Services);
  • –  Coordinate with other Victim Service workers that may be working with the child/youth and family (i.e. Community-based and RCMP-based Victim Service workers, SART and Domestic Violence Response Team);
  • –  Provide crisis intervention and brief intervention sessions for children/youth and their families once after the forensic interview has been completed;
  • –  Provide oversight, coordination of cases, debriefing and supervision for the centre’s Family Advocates;
  • –  Implement Screening tools – safety/risk/suicide and trauma assessments of the family members and develop and recommend a safety plan for the child/youth and family;
  • –  Educate non-offending caregiver(s) about sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect, witnessing family violence and the various systems that may become involved with their family;
  • –  Answer any questions related to the investigative process and pro- vide feedback to the assigned Child Protection Worker and/or law enforcement officer;
  • –  Communicate with other professionals involved with the client/ case as necessary;
  • –  Help parents/caregivers recognize the needs of their child;
  • –  Liaises with members of the interdisciplinary team and observes, records and reports relevant information on child/youth’s behaviour, development levels and individual needs;
  • –  Assist/bridge the child/youth and family in accessing services recommended to them by the MDT team and by learning what the child/youth and family want for healing support;
  • –  Monitor and maintain the case logistics, tracking of all cases;
  • –  Attend case review with MDT and follow through with and recommendations of the team that would require the services of the Family Advocate;
  • –  Meet with Big Bear CYAC Executive Director/Centre’s Development Coordinator when requested;
  • –  Other related duties as may be assigned.


Please submit your CV clearly demonstrating how you meet the following qualifications:

  • –  Minimal post-secondary degree in Counselling, Social work, Psychology, Child and Youth Care, Child Development, Special Education/Family Studies or related discipline/ experience;
  • –  Master’s degree preferred;
  • –  Demonstrated experience providing client-centred, trauma-informed and culturally safe crisis and brief intervention;
  • –  Demonstrated experience providing advocacy for and working with vulnerable populations;
  • –  Experience providing information, coping strategies, empowerment skills and support tovictims of crime;
  • –  Experience or course work indicating knowledge of the Justice system, court processesand legislation; and,
  • –  Demonstrated experience working with First Nations and Metis individuals and providingculturally informed support (Both on and off reserve experience would be an asset)Desired Knowledge, Skills and Suitability
  • –  Experience/knowledge of mental health issues, particularly children, youth and their families that have experienced maltreatment;
  • –  Experience/knowledge of health services for children/youth who have experienced maltreatment (knowledge of medical procedures and terminology an asset);
  • –  Demonstrate knowledge for the behaviour/stages of child development;
  • –  Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of ACE;
  • –  Demonstrated ability to deliver culturally safe service and commitment to building individual cultural awareness;
  • –  Ability to provide professional case management from a victim-centred lens;
  • –  Ability to implement client-centred, trauma-informed and culturally safe screening and assessments;
  • –  Ability to work independently and as part of a team;
  • –  Ability to work in a professional manner with members of many other agencies;
  • –  Understanding for the dynamics of families where abuse and/or neglect is occurring;
  • –  Knowledge of support programs and community resources;
  • –  Ability to analyze and evaluate the outcomes related to the provision related to families who accept advocacy services as compared to families who may not;
  • –  Excellent oral and written communication skills;
  • –  Good computer skills;
  • –  Ability to balance professional ethics and personal boundaries;
  • –  Ability to analyze and evaluate child/youth/family’s desire for support/healing services incomparison to community resources and barriers that prevent families from receivingprompt and/or immediate service
  • –  Sensitivity and awareness for diversity issues (including and not limited to, LGBTQ…,disabilities)The person in this position must have reliable transportation, valid driver’s license, must pass an extensive criminal background check, demonstrate passion towards the continued development of the Big Bear CYAC and be very willing to provide feedback/information that will benefit data/evaluation collection. This person must be comfortable with dogs and be willing to participate in canine support training and work with the service dog if situation arises.Work Schedule:The schedule will be set in collaboration between candidate and Big Bear CYAC Executive Di- rector/Centre’s Development Coordinator and will reflect a 20 hour work week.



The Big Bear CYAC Family Advocate – Coordinator of Extended Support Services is a part-time position, $32-$36/per hour that will be commensurate with skills, experience, quality of work, and community standards.

Please send cover letter and CV (including 3 references) to by June 26, 2013. Only those selected for an interview will be notified.