Big Bear CYAC is seeking applicants for an Indigenous Family Advocate position

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Position Title: Big Bear CYAC Indigenous Family Advocate 30 hr./week Position (with possibility for full-time). Please submit your resume and cover letter attention to Big Bear CYAC hiring committee by April 6, 2021 via email (info@bigbearcyac.ca) * Only those short-listed will be contacted

Position Description:

Big Bear CYAC has worked intensively on community development to create interagency practice protocols to best serve children/youth and families who are undergoing child maltreatment investigations. The Family Advocate position is focused on the children/youth and families and acts as a liaison to the investigative teams which may include Child Protection, RCMP and the Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect (SCAN) clinic. The Family Advocate is intended to be a consistent support for children/youth and family throughout the investigation processes. This may include attending RCMP or protection interviews, SCAN clinic medical appointments and court proceedings , etc. The Family Advocate will work closely with SCAN, RCMP, Crown Counsel, Child Protection, Big Bear CYAC’s mental health team and support services/agencies within the community. Service with children/youth and families initiates at the beginning of the investigation phase, continues throughout the investigation and any legal proceedings, bridges children/youth and families with appropriate community resources and provides on-going follow-up support to promote long-term healing.

The Family Advocate will provide crisis intervention, implement screenings tools (risk/safety/ suicide and trauma assessments), planning/rehearsing coping strategies and will serve to support and answer questions about the investigative process, court process and healing support options. The Family Advocate will monitor and maintain the case logistics, tracking of all cases and will be the ‘link’ for families when needing information about their case. The person in this position will be involved in coordinating intervention services, identifying any barriers that may prevent any one in the family from receiving services, bridging with support healing services and advocating for immediate service implementation. A major role of the Family Advocate is to facilitate referrals, as needs are identified by the child/youth/family and the multi-disciplinary team (MDT), and to keep up-to-date information about the waiting lists for those referrals.

As part of the MDT, this Indigenous specific Family Advocate will provide services that are culturally relevant, culturally safe, and trauma-informed for Indigenous children/youth and their families referred to Big Bear CYAC. The successful candidate will have proven experience and understanding of Indigenous culture and traditions and a demonstrated ability to work with Indigenous people. Preference will be given to individuals with an Indigenous background as per section of Section 41 of the Human Rights Code.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Position:

Duties and responsibilities include, but my not be limited to the following:

  • –  Maintain strict standards of confidentiality (except when requiredto report to RCMP/Child Protection Services);
  • –  Coordinate with Victim Service workers that may be working with the child/youth and family (i.e. Community-based and RCMP- based Victim Service workers, SART and Domestic Violence Response Team)
  • –  Make initial contact with the family once an investigation has commenced and answer any preliminary questions they may have regarding the forensic interview and/or medical exam, if scheduled;
  • –  Preparing children and families for investigation process that may include a medical evaluation, RCMP and child protection, using clear and age-appropriate information to alleviate fears and mis- conceptions;
  • –  Establish contact with and provide support to children/youth and their families at the interview and/or medical evaluation; planning and rehearsing coping strategies to help reduce anxiety and enhance cooperation with the involved MDT members;
  • –  Provide crisis intervention for children/youth and their families;
  • –  Implement screening tools (safety/risk/suicide and trauma assessments) of the family members and develop and recommend a safety plan for the child/youth and family;
  • –  Educate non-offending parents/caregiver(s) about sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect, witnessing family violence and the various systems that may become involved with their family;
  • –  Answer any questions related to the investigative process and pro- vide feedback to the assigned child protection worker and/or RCMP officer;
  • –  Help parents/caregivers recognize the needs of their child;
  • –  Communicate with other professionals involved with the client/case as necessary;
  • –  Liaises with members of the MDT and observes, records and re- ports relevant information on child/youth’s behaviour, development level and individual needs;
  • –  Maintain contact with child/youth and their family throughout the investigation and court processes;
  • –  Assist/bridge the child/youth and family in accessing services recommended to them by the MDT team and by learning what the child/youth and family want for healing support;
  • –  Court preparation is not part of the Family Advocate’s role. (Referred/arranged with Community-Based Victim Service worker);
  • –  Be prepared to attend court proceedings with the child/youth and family if they request and be available as a witness in court as required;
  • –  Monitor and maintain the case logistics, tracking of all cases and 
 will be the ‘link’ for families when needing information about their case;
  • –  Assist with obtaining prosecution outcomes, keep families in- 
 formed about status of criminal proceedings, and provide support 
 as needed;
  • –  Work with Big Bear CYAC evaluator/data collection and provide data as requested;
  • –  Work with Big Bear CYAC mental health team, providing case summary reviews towards mental health screening, assessment, and monitoring       needs;
  • –  Attend MDT case planning and review meetings;
  • –  Meet with Big Bear CYAC Executive Director when requested, forcase reviews and supervision; other duties may be assigned;Please submit your     resume clearly demonstrating how you meet the following experience and qualifications:
  • –  Master’s preferred; at a minimum a post-secondary degree in So- cial Work, Psychology, Child and Youth Care, Child Development, Special         Education/Family Studies or related discipline;
  • –  Demonstrated experience providing client-centred, trauma-in- formed and culturally safe crisis intervention with children/youth;
  • –  Demonstrated experience providing advocacy for and working with vulnerable populations;
  • –  Experience providing information, coping strategies, empowerment skills and support to victims of crime;
  • –  Experience or course work indicating knowledge of the Justice system, court processes and legislation;
  • –  Demonstrated experience working with Indigenous individuals (primarily First Nations and Metis) and providing culturally in- formed support (both on and off reserve experience would be an asset);
  • –  Registration with an applicable association an asset;
  • –  Desired knowledge, skills and suitability;
  • –  Experience/knowledge of mental health issues, particularly children,youth and their families that have experienced maltreatment;
  • –  Experience/knowledge of health services for children/youth who have experienced maltreatment (knowledge of medical procedures and terminology an asset);
  • –  Demonstrate knowledge for the behaviour/stages of child development;
  • –  Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of ACE;
  • –  Demonstrated ability to deliver culturally safe service and commitment to building individual cultural awareness;
  • –  Ability to provide professional case management from a victim-centred lens;
  • –  Ability to implement client-centred, trauma-informed and culturally safe screening and assessments;
  • –  Ability to work independently and as part of a team;
  • –  Ability to work in a professional manner with members of many other agencies;
  • –  Understanding of the dynamics of families where abuse and/or neglect is occurring;
  • –  Knowledge of support programs and community resources;
  • –  Excellent oral and written communication skills;
  • –  Good computer skills;
  • –  Ability to balance professional ethics and personal boundaries;
  • –  Ability to analyze and evaluate child/youth/family’s desire for support/healing services;
  • –  Sensitivity and awareness for diversity issues (including and not limited to, LGBTQ…, children with disabilities)
  • The person in this position must have a home phone, reliable transportation, valid driver’s license, must pass an extensive criminal background check, demonstrate passion towards the continued development of the Big Bear CYAC. This person must be comfortable with dogs and be willing to participate in canine support training and work with the service dog if situation arises.
  • Work Schedule:Work hours will reflect a 30 hour work week at 6hrs/day, 5 days a week. The person in this position will be required to be flexible in how the hours will be conducted between 8:30-5pm (i.e: based on the needs of client cases and/or schedule of the forensic interviews/medicals).Compensation:

    Compensation will commensurate with skills, experience, quality of work, and community standards. ($30 – $34 / Hr).